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Our Services

Birkdale Medical provides the following services:

Children’s Health & Vaccinations
• Doctors experienced in child health
• All children bulk billed during business hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
• Routine vaccinations performed by experienced Registered Nurses
• Well baby checks performed
Heart and Cholesterol Check
• Heart risk factor assessments
• On the spot blood pressure measurements by our RNs
• Cholesterol testing and dietary advice
• Heart disease investigated using our interpretative ECG machine
Blood Sugar Tests and Diabetic Advice
• On the spot blood sugar tests
• Doctors and nurses experienced in managing diabetes
Women’s Health
• We have 6 female doctors who are able to perform pap smears and provide contraceptive advice and menopause advice
• Implanon insertions
• Pregnancy tests and shared antenatal care
Men’s Health
• Men’s health checks (including testing and advice on cholesterol levels, blood pressure, smoking, weight and skin checks) performed and encouraged
• Prostate checks, impotence advice
Skin Checks
• Doctors experienced in checking moles and diagnosing skin cancer
• Treatment includes cryotherapy (freezing of sunspots, warts etc with liquid nitrogen), or surgical excision using materials & equipment that are either disposable or sterilized in our steam autoclave.
Travellers’ Health
• We provide a detailed medical advice report for your journey using up-to-date information supplied by MASTA (Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad)
• Most destinations require vaccinations at least four weeks prior to travel
• Common travel vaccines are kept in stock in our dedicated vaccine refrigerator
• Consult one of our doctors with your travel intinerary well before your departure

Pharmacy services coming soon.